Wow, 37 years since the Hyde Park bombing. Doesn't seem that long ago – must be getting old.

@greg_harvey Hehe, I sent this to my Godson earlier - we used air freshener as the propellant in Pringles can cannons when he was a lad πŸ˜†

Thanks, BBC, for changing the markup on the football fixtures pages. Just had to update my scraper to keep Dad happy πŸ˜€

@cosullivan I share your bestie's sentiments. The only glimmer of positivity I can see is that with the large majority, Johnson won't have to pander to the extreme brexiteers of the ERG. I'm hoping that means that he will extend the negotiation period after he realises that sorting a trade agreement in 12 months is crazy. That assumes he has some rationality, of course πŸ™„

@schlink Thanks for the heads-up, brings the cost down to Β£23.46 in the UK. Ordered one to see how it compares to my Yubikeys πŸ‘

work, advice welcome 

@c0debabe The sysadmins at work have said that is good.


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